2014 Season Update  

Island Opening:

  • We are planning to open the Island on Friday May 2nd. The first ferry is scheduled to start at 7 am. John Crosby and his crews have been working feverishly to get the Island open. If we can make it before Friday I will let you know but right now, plan on 7 AM Friday May 2nd.
  • One of the ferries, the Leisure Lady, spent the winter on the haul-out facility following the maintenance work completed last fall. As soon as we were able to get her in the water this spring we put the Ellie Corliss on the haul-out. We have some maintenance that we need to get finished on her before we get too far into the season. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be ready for next Friday so we will probably have to start-up with only one ferry.
  • The public works crew, with help from a couple dedicated volunteers, are working to get the water system ready. The storage tank has been filled, chlorinated and drained a number of times to disinfect it. In addition, most of the distribution lines have been filled with the chlorinated water as well. We will continue to fill and flush the distribution lines this week. During this process we keep the chlorine levels higher than normal to insure the tank and piping are disinfected. When you connect your cottage to the system, make sure you flush your lines well. We flush all of the main lines the best we can but there are apt to be pockets that have higher than normal levels. You can get a pretty good idea just by smelling the water. If it smells like bleach, flush it some more.
  • For the most part the roads are in pretty good shape. However, there are still some areas that are a bit soft and Birch Road is closed right now because it is very soft. If the weather cooperates we will try to get it open before next Friday. Please be careful when driving on the Island roads for a while until everything dries out.
  • We will be moving the office back to the Island on Friday of this week. I certainly hope that goes well but there have been years when it has taken 2-3 days to get everything operating. I will let you know how that goes. If we are able to get you to the Island before Friday, don’t count on the office being open until Friday.
  • I spoke with Dana about the golf course. He reports that the course made it through the winter very well. Apparently, the greens at a number of area courses have experienced winter kill but we didn’t so everything looks good there.


The Executive Committee has scheduled its next meeting for 8:00AM on Saturday May 17th. The meeting will probably be held in the Administration Office. I will let you know if anything changes. In addition, there will be a Public Hearing to discuss a proposal to amend the Town Charter to change the date of the annual Town Meeting. This Public Hearing has been scheduled for 2:00 PM on Saturday May 24th.

Ring Road Project:

As you probably know, the Raymond Planning Board denied Frye Island’s application to construct a Ring Road / parking area on the mainland. Statutes require that appeals be filed within 30 days of the formal decision by the RPB. The appeal had to be filed before April 19th to be valid. Frye Island has spent approximately $100,000 on engineering work and studies necessary for the application in addition to the $250,000 spent to purchase the property. It was the consensus of the Executive Committee to file the appeal and request a hold be put on the whole process until all possible options can be discussed with Frye Island residents. Had the appeal not been filed all of the engineering work and money spent would have gone for naught. This may be added to the agenda for the May 24th Public Hearing. I will let you know once we know more.

Let me try to clarify a few points concerning this project. I saw an email recently accusing the Town of Frye Island of suing the Town of Raymond and me being “deceptive” in explaining the status of this project. The Town of Frye Island appealed the decision made by the Raymond Planning Board in accordance with State statutes. That appeal, according to these same statutes, had to be filed with the Cumberland County Superior Court within 30 days of the decision made by the Raymond Planning Board. Once the appeal is filed, the normal time frame gives the appellant, Frye Island in this case, 40 days to file briefs with the Court. When we filed the appeal, we immediately requested, through Raymond’s attorney, that the Town of Raymond consider a stay of the process until Frye Island had an opportunity to review the project and an alternate plan with its residents. Effectively, we had asked Raymond to agree to stop the clock from ticking until we had a chance to discuss everything with the Frye Islanders. Unfortunately, because of the seasonality of Frye Island, we would not have been able to meet with the Islanders before the time to file an appeal had expired. That is why the Executive Committee decided to file the appeal. As it turns out, , I heard about an hour ago that the Town of Raymond has agreed to a 90 day stay. This will give us some time to discuss this whole project with the residents Frye Island. By statute the appeal can be withdrawn at any time. so if the consensus is to cancel the process it can be done at any time. I am sure there will be further discussion of this subject at the Executive Committee meeting on the 17th.

I will correct one thing that I did say in my previous email. We have spent $100,000+ on engineering and design work so far. I said that if we failed to file the appeal all we had spent would be for naught. Not exactly true…. If we were to resubmit an amended project application shortly after the time for the appeal expired, and if the Planning Board would accepted it, we might be able to reuse some of that engineering work without having to redo it. However, the longer we waited to resubmit the application the less the probability of that the engineering work being accepted. I’ve been told that the engineering work would become “stale” and would need to be redone. Exactly how much could be reused would depend on when and if an amended application were submitted.

Recreation Director:

I am pleased to announce that Allison Hodge has been appointed to the Recreation Director’s position replacing Bobbie Thomas who resigned from the position after last season. I want to thank all of the applicants that were interested in the position and a special thanks to the members of the Recreation Commission that served as the search committee for this position.

Island Manager:

The Search Committee has recommended a candidate to the Executive Committee, an offer has been made, and discussions between the candidate and the Select Board are in process. I anticipate (or hope) that a formal appointment will be made at the meeting on May 17th.

More sad news:

I heard that Kathy Campbell passed away this morning. Kathy and her husband Willie spent their summers at their cottage on Leisure Lane. Kathy worked in the Administration office a couple of years ago and Willie worked at the Golf Club and for the Public Works Dept. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Willie and the Campbell family.

Notice  - The Town of Frye Island is currently seeking to fill the position of Recreation Director for the 2014 summer season. If you are interested please notify Town Manager Wayne Fournier at fimanager@fairpoint.net.

New Town Manager Email - The new Town Manager email address is fimanager@fairpoint.net

Seeking New Town Manager - The town of Frye Island is seeking a new town manager.

2013 Annual Meeting ― Here are some documents regarding the 2013 annual meeting: Agenda, Warrant, 2014 Budget for Approval, Sign Ordinance, Solid Waste Ordinance Proposed Enterprise Budget

Frye island newsletter ― Check the online FINS listing for weekly news. The Winter Newsletter is now online.

Walk / run race  ― The information on the Frye Island Walk/Run Race  to be held at 9am July 4, 2013 is now online. This race includes a 1 mile, a 5 mile and a Marathon element. The Frye Island Walk/Run is the longest continuously running road race on Frye Island.

Portland water district  ― There is a new edition of the Sebago Lake Watershed News published by PWD. A copy of the PWD publications are available online.

Park & RIDE Plans  ― The information on the website concerning the plans for a Park & Ride facility on Raymond Cape Road has been updated. This updated information can be found by clicking here.

2013 ferry schedule  ― The 2013 Frye Island Ferry Schedule is now available online. The planned Island opening is April 26, 2013, but you will need to check back later in April to see if late ice out causes a delay in the opening.

online registrations  ― The State of Maine has an online registration system for automobiles, boats and sporting. Check out the Registration Information page for more details. This can be used anytime during the year and should save you time over visiting the Town office. You can find this information anytime by using the menu system in the top left corner of the webpage ... mouse over Find Information, then select Maine Registrations.

GENERAL INFORMATION ― Frye Island is located in Sebago Lake approximately 25 miles west of Portland, Maine. We became Maine's newest town in 1998, and the wonderful memories of that glorious July Fourth weekend will live on for years to come. There are two ferries that provide transportation to & from the Island on a scheduled basis. The Island is easy to find, just head towards Raymond, Maine on State Route 302. More detailed information is available to assist you in driving to Frye Island. There is a General Information Sheet available that describes a myriad of useful information for Islanders. There is a wonderful nine hole public golf course on the Island. A popular place on the Island for both people on the Island and boaters on Sebago Lake is Frye's Leap General Store & Cafe. There is a private marina with in-water boat docking for property owners on the Island; some slips are available for weekly rental for visitors and renters staying on the Island. There is a Virtual Island Tour that is available to anyone that would like to see what the Island is like.

contact information ― The following is the contact information for the Town of Frye Island:

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207-655-3551 Phone - Golf Club

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